Warden's Krewe Board!Edit

The following is posted inside the Warden's HQ, in the General's Office. If you can not access this place physically, you can not see this information.Edit

(Some of the Krewe names are taken from, or inspired by, traiditional (and real!) Mardi Gras Krewes) Vive La Ward!)

HQ Edit

Gen. Octavian Aurellion - Commanding Officer

Over-Krewe Rex Edit

Capt. Jennessa Cale - Commanding Officer

1. Rad-Wolf Krewe (Marksman)

2. Hermes Krewe ( Engineers) -Sgt. Midge 

3. Deathclaw Krewe ( Shield Unit) - Capt. Jennessa Cale

4. Muse Krewe (Medical) - Sgt. Stefania Aurellion

  • Enl. Keven O'Brien

5.Choctaw Krewe - (Standard) - Sgt. Butch Copeland

6.Okeanos Krewe - (Standard)

Over-Krewe Zulu Edit

Over-Krewe Proteus Edit

Over-Krewe Orpheus Edit