Childhood Edit

Born to poorly scavvers within the Ward, Mazoni led a difficult life fighting for survival. Like most children born in the area, her life was met with great tragedy as her parents were brutally slaughtered by a gang of roving raiders.

Able to flee through sheer luck and an opportune iding spot, the young Mazoni managed to survive by her wits and knowledge of the city, using it's secrets to avoid danger. As she grew older, life only became more difficult and one day she was met with a tough decision, to continue life on her own or bite the bullet and join those that once caused her life such pain...

The Hounsi Years Edit

At the tender age of fifteen, Mazoni came face to face with the horrors of her past. A gang of raucous raiders parting the night away, she trapped, with nowhere to go, and those between her and freedom seemingly disinclined to budge from their location.

Desperate for food and water, she came from the darkness and approached the raving raiders who, in their drunken and drugged celebratory stupor, did not realize that she was not one of them. Using this to her advantage, she quickly ingratiated herself into the gang, drinking, eating, and celebrating alongside them as if she belonged.

As dawn rose, so did realization when the raiders faced Mazoni, a stranger who, just the night prior, acted as if she were just another of them, in their camp. But instead of killing her, impressed by her courage, accepted her officially into the fold.

It did not take long for Mazoni to fall in with their kind, learning their ways, their methods, and taking to their beliefs of vodou with a ravenous hunger, desperate to learn all she could about this mystical, ancient art of magic.

Birth of a Queen Edit

Vodou Queen of Jacksonville Edit