Background Edit

Vault Boy Edit

As a resident of Vault 127 - Joel Thomas Griggs lived a very much sheltered life, guarded from the hostile, violent nature of the outside world. This remained unchanged in his teenage years, and even as a young adult. Boys around his sector always told scary, horror tales about monsters and death - all just lingering outside, kept away by only a couple of rocks and a few metal walls - but Joel didn't listen. Instead, he focused on studying and keeping a positive outlook, becoming what most other kids called a 'square' or a boy scout. His prime example of this was his mom - Brittany Griggs - a brilliant Vault Scientist who focused on studying Botany and the evolution of plants under harsh conditions. She raised him by herself - since his dad was nothing more than just a donor.

Growing Up Edit

She believed that eventually - through time, the world could be brought back to life. She thought that the world wasn't dead, or broken - but just resting, only doing so to preserve a brighter future for all of mankind. And naturally, Joel adopted this ideology as well, studying next to his mom, and growing up into a bright, optimistic young man. When he was 21, a massive gas leak happened. This incident not only set their technology back several years, it also cost them 16 lives, including Joel's mom. She died when her lab blew up, catching her full on in the blast. Luckily, Joel wasn't there. But after Brittany's death, he felt thrusted into a world he wasn't really ready for yet. Now, he had to take after his mom, and do her job - while also aiding the community with repairs and resources. Eventually, he got used to the pressure 

But resistance against stress wasn't going to keep people fed, or healthy. So, after discussing with the Overseer - Joel was allowed to join up with a crew of explorers. Their job wasn't only to go out and study - but also to gather information and supplies. Through time, everything was fixed and repaired. People were happy. And Joel became one of the go-to leaders for the expeditions, running a record with no casualties or accidents during his trips outside. And despite seeing the disolated, torn-down world outside their little vault, Joel's optimism never faded off. He continued honoring his mothers's creed. Together, we can bring the world back to life.