Chelsea Dagger
Chelsea dagger
Age 22


Height- 5’1

Weight 95lbs

Haircolor-Depends on the day. Naturally blonde

Eyecolor-blue violet

Marital status-hahahah

Place of birth-The Ward

Chelsea was born in The Ward. She can’t tell you much about early life, except that she worked in her dad’s repair shop. He used her to scavenge for parts because she was so small. Her father, “Dag” was a Warden. When she was 16 she was inducted into The Wardens with her father. That same year she watched her father get killed during defense of the Ward. She kept his shop open, changing the name to something more fitting for her personality, “I Fix Your Shit.”

She had a natural inclination towards ripping things apart and putting them back together into something new. Her mother called her their little “Tinker”. But when she joined The Wardens, she got a new nickname that she didn’t much like at the beginning, but it began to grow on her. “Midge” she was called. Short for Midget. A double insult but she didn’t care. Wearing it with pride and anyone who snickered got either a dirty look or a pistol to the forehead.

She’s a fairly good shot energy weapon or otherwise, but carries a wrench and a old sword attached to her backpack that she’ll hack and hammer with.

Armor repair became a specialty.It was needed, desperately. Weapons had always been an easy fix.

The shop was manned by herself, her mother (until she died) and a ghoul who called himself “Rick” along with their dog, Uncle Earl.

Eventually others filled in, the caps were good and the business steady. She has kept the business open and running in the years since her parent’s deaths.

Don’t ask about the bubblegum! Rumor is she’s been chewing the same piece for years. She’s got a heavy southern accent, not bayou Cajun by any means, southern belle. Love life? Ain’t nobody got time for that! She’s a charmer and she’ll lay it on thick to get what she wants. But she’s got a temper on her, that’s for sure.

And she can do one thing most women won't admit to. You figure out what that is.